The power of connecting


Which TTY is right for me?

Acoustic Use
Works with telephone handset

Direct Connect
Plugs directly into a standard, analog telephone jack
Saves conversations and memos
Compatible Cellular Phones
Works with select digital or analog cellular phones
E-Turbo ™
Automatically dials and sets up call through relay
Turbo Code ®
For "real-time" conversations
Auto ID ™
Indicates TTY user on the line
GA/SK Keys
Convenient, timesaving keys
Takes text messages for you
Dialing Directory
Stores frequently dialed numbers
Built-in Printer
For printout of the conversation
  *       *

Ring Flasher
Visual alert to incoming calls

Relay Dial
Automatically dials your relay
Emergency Dial
Quickly dials 911 for help
Time & Date
Lists/prints time of the call
ASCII Option
Enables communication with computer users

* Available as an external option.